4 Pack Seafood w Pickerel/Salmon

4 Pack Seafood w Pickerel/Salmon

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MIXED BOX CONSISTS OF 12 MEALS: Average of $10/meal

Digby Nova Scotia LARGE Bay Scallops 1lb. (254g) 3-5 Scallops per meal

Jumbo Bubba LARGE Selva Shrimp 1lb. (254) 3-5 Shrimp per meal

Manitoba Fresh Water Pickerel 2- 6oz. (170g) portions

West Coast WILD Sockeye Salmon 2- 6oz. (170g) portions 

All flash frozen at the source.....FRESHER then "fresh"

Store bought seafood is not always as "fresh" as they claim, because we live in a landlocked Province.

Freezing chain is not broken right into your freezer! guaranteed 6 months/Vac Packed & Portion Controlled.

Great variety to have available for your next special meal!

FYI EACH product experienced in this variety box can be purchased on it's own!